Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby Vick Baby Shower

My besties in all the world. These are my sweet friends I grew up with in church youth group. We laughed so hard and are true blue friends. There's something so special about this group of people. They're not just my friends, but my family. Travis and Ryan are like my brothers and I truly pray for the best for them. It's been so amazing watching them turn into Men after God's own heart. They were both such a huge part of my life when I needed advice and encouragement. Katie and Joy are the sweetest women and both love the Lord so much. Travis and Katie are going to be such wonderful parents. Andrew get ready! They're going to teach you so much.
A close up picture of the four week old baby Andrew. I love all his hair!! I walked into the baby shower and saw him. My heart just skipped a beat because I just LOVE babies. I wanted to take him home with me. Andrew Vick your are precious!! Baby Andrew this is my prayer for you, sweet boy : "Lord, I thank you for such a health young boy. I pray so many things over him right now, but the two most important things are these. I pray Andrew you'll surrender everything over to the Lord at a very young age. I pray you'll want to hear His voice in every decision you make and then obey Him. Secondly, I pray for the Lord to pursue you with a great hunger and Andrew for you to also hunger after the Lord. May you everyday be in His presence and be open to learn and experience new things. I also pray for your wife. May she be a woman after Proverbs 31. May she encourage and daily direct you back to the Lord. Lord, protect and keep him safe all the days of his life. Thank you for such a special blessing." I love you Andrew Phillip Vick!

The shower was so much fun. It was like being home to me, getting to hang out with them. Travis and Katie are two people who love the Lord with all their hearts and want to encourage everyone else in that direction. They both are just a blessing to my life. Plus, look at their new baby. Isn't he just the cutest thing?

My sweetest friends, Travis and Katie Vick, and their new baby Andrew. Andrew is so precious and was showered with so many wonderful gifts. We love you guys.

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  1. Loved seeing you at Andrew's shower and then seeing these photos on the WWW blog! Today I found out that you and my sweet teacher friend Caroline Hughes are friends from DBU days! Also, I love the family portraits. Precious family : ) MamaVick